Sunday, March 27, 2016


I made an exciting discovery while preparing the next post about the Brown family arriving in America.  I was attempting to reconcile the passenger list and the Patrickswell church records.  No, I won’t give away the information to be detailed in the next post; however, suffice it to say there are a couple of extra people on the passenger list.  I was reviewing (literally going through line by line) the actual baptismal records from Patrickswell when I can across another child born to Timothy Brown and Hannah Kelly that was not shown in the list received from the Limerick Archives . 

Baptism record from Patrickswell RC
Let me introduce you to Ellen Brown, baptized 6 Jul 1839 at Patrickswell RC Church in County Limerick, Ireland.1   I have always wondered about the four year gap between the baptisms of Mary and Johanna.  There is no longer a gap.  You will learn more about Ellen as the story progresses, but, she did make the trip from Ireland to America.  Special thanks to Marion and KC for their wonderful assistance in unraveling this part of our story.

So, now that we have a new family member, I must change the banner on the blog.  You will notice that I have changed from “Seven” members of the family immigrating to America to “Eight” members and have added Ellen’s name to the list.

What a wonderful way to start this sunny Easter Sunday morning.  Welcome to the family, Ellen Brown!



1.       Patrickswell Catholic Parish register, Lurriga, Diocese of Limerick/County of Limerick, Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI, microfilm #02409/05  Baptisms 16 Mar 1826 to 30 Dec 1843.


  1. This is a wonderful discovery, due to your meticulous research skills. I look forward to learning more.