Monday, April 17, 2017

Putting it graphically . . .

While waiting for additional research materials to arrive, I thought it would be a good opportunity to review some family relationships and, perhaps, catch-up on a few other items.  I know I was getting confused working with the children of Patrick and John Brown.  So many of the children carry the same name; and, I thought a partial pedigree chart would help clarify the relationships.  A chart of the original emigrants was shown in an earlier post titled Chicago. (See previous post on Chicago.) 

The chart below shows Patrick and John Brown, their families, and where they fit within the larger Browne and Burns families.  John and Patrick married sisters, Anne and Ellen Burns making their children “double cousins.”   Anne and Ellen had another sister, Martha who married Peter Burns.  Peter and Martha figured prominently in the family of John and Ellen.  We looked at Peter and Martha in previous posts (Brown-Burns Connections, John and Peter, and John and Ellen) and will look at them again in a future post.

What is comforting to me is that, despite the geographic distance of these families, to say nothing of the difficulties of communicating in the mid to late 1800s, they remained close.  We saw in the “John and Ellen” post that John’s brother Patrick came to Columbus from Illinois less than two weeks after Ellen died.  He did take one of the younger children, William Henry, back to Illinois with him.  We also saw that William Henry lived, for awhile, in Adrian, Nobles, Minnesota near Patrick’s children Mary Ann Brown Cox, Sarah Jane Brown Taylor, and Hannah Brown Lynch.  (see previous post for SOLD . . . to the highest bidder . . . and ". . . and he leaves a large family to mourn his death")  We will see more interaction between the families in future posts.

The Nebraska searched turned up a marriage record in Alliance for John B. Brown, second son of Patrick and Anne Burns Brown.  The information was documented in the Comment section of the post for “he leaves a large family to mourn his death.”  At least two sisters and a cousin, (one of John’s children) were also living in Alliance at the time.    With permission of descendents of Patrick, I have also added a couple of photos to the same post.  Compare those photos with that of William Henry Brown from the last post and future posts for John’s children.  These children display similar physical characteristics.  Do the photos give us a clue to what Patrick and Anne and John and Ellen looked like? 

In the next post, we will learn more about the children of John and Ellen Burns Brown.

Families of Patrick and John Brown
showing name, spouse and date of marriage, and known locations of residence
(click to enlarge)

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